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NMNS 2017




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Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the scientific and executive committees, it is our great pleasure to cordially invite you to attend the Second Nanomedicine and Nanosafety Conference (NMNS 2017) which will be held at Ghods Auditorium in Tehran University of Medical Sciences, on 29-30 Nov 2017.
NMNS 2017 is jointly organized by Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), Iran Nanosafety Network (INSN)of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) and Iranian Society of Nanomedicine (ISNM) and supported by Iran Nanohealth Committee of Food & Drug Administration and Iranian Environmental Mutagen Society (IrEMS). The Conference aims to cover all medical and safety aspects of nanomaterials in human, animals and environment.
The scientific program will consist of keynote/distinguished lectures, symposia, workshops, discussion panels and poster sessions. This conference aims to provide attendees good opportunities to meet scientists from all over the world to exchange the ideas and to launch national and international collaborations in different aspects of nanomedicine and nanosafety. The organizing committee is also planning a variety of unique social programs to provide the chance for participants to enjoy from fascinating Iranian culture and warm spirit of friendship.
We look forward to welcoming you and your active participation in the NMNS 2017 in Tehran, I.R. Iran.

Sincerely yours,


filereader.php?p1=main_f146c0491e1bbc8eb Ghazi-Khansari, Mahmoud, BSc, MSc, PhD
President, NMNS 2017
Professor of Pharmacology/Toxicology
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Email: ghazi@nanomedsafety.com 
filereader.php?p1=main_9dd82793f79529d40 Ghanbari, Hossein, MD, PhD
Head of Scientific Committee, NMNS 2017
Associate Professor of Nanotechnology & Regenerative Medicine
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Email: ghanbari@nanomedsafety.com 
filereader.php?p1=main_b18fb7d4af072f2d4 Amani, Amir, PharmD, PhD
Head of Executive Committee, NMNS 2017
Associate Professor of Nanomedicine
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Supporting Journal


Selected full papers will be published in Nanomedicine Research Journal (NMRJ), subject to peer review by the journal.